Yummy new product – WildWash Healing Paw Balm

Healing Paw Balm – a remedy for dry, cracked pads

Winter can be really tough on your dog’s paws – cold weather and salt and grit on the roads can lead to crWildWash Healing Paw Balmacked, dry and rough pads.  I have just discovered a fabulous new healing paw balm that can protect the pads against the elements and moisturize at the same time.  It is Healing Paw Balm from a British company called WildWash that makes naturally derived pet shampoos and cosmetics.  It is made with Sweet Almond Oil, Frankincense and Kanuka and has a high vitamin E content.  It is also safe for your dog to lick!!!

I am now using this product during every groom and am really noticing a difference in the condition of the pads after even one use.  If you notice that your dog has cracked and rough pads you can use the home remedy of shea butter or virgin coconut oil and massage it into their pads whilst you are having a cuddle on the sofa!  It is very soothing for both you and your pet!