Canine Sound Therapy

Dogs that are safely and gradually exposed to many different experiences, including loud noises, during their essential socialisation period of 3 to 16 weeks of age, are often able to cope more effectively with novel, frightening sounds like fireworks or loud engine noises. The free downloads available here on the Dog’s Trust website, together with their corresponding how-to-guides, contain a collection of specifically recorded noises that all puppies need to get used to, including domestic noises, traffic, fireworks and thunder.

Click for canine sound therapy!

Asian Fusion Dog Grooming

I attended a seminar hosted by Pammie Carmichael-Hogg who demonstrated the Asian Fusion style on a schnauzer, Lhasa and poodle.  Can’t wait to try out my new skills on the dogs in the Derbyshire Dales!!!


Asian Fusion Schnauzer img_0554 img_0570 img_0582 img_0609

Seminar with Lakhi Thindal ICMG

I attended a seminar given by Master Groomer Lakhi Thindal ICMG. He demonstrated on Alfie the Lhasapoo and also covered scissoring techniques, preparation of the dog and grooming.

Can’t wait to apply the lessons that I learned!

Lakhi Thindal ICMG  Lakhi Thindal ICMG 3Lakhi Thindal ICMG 2

Canine Anal Glands… Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian talks about pet’s anal glands.  This easy to follow video explains what anal glands are for and why they should only be expressed by a veterinarian as there is an underlying medical condition.

Crufts 2016

Crufts celebrates it’s 125th anniversary this year!  On Thursday 10th March Toy and Utility dogs will be shown, Gundogs on Friday, Working and Pastoral on Saturday and then Terrier and Hound on Sunday.  As well as the best in breed there are competitions in agility, flyball, heelwork as well as displays by police dogs.  Follow the link for more info

There are over 400 stalls to shop from and I hope to find some delicious products to try on your babies!  I will be heading down there for final day on Sunday (you all know I’m a sucker for the sighthounds!) – hope to see you there!!!

There are still tickets available at the ticket office!



Microchipping Deadline 6th April 2016

In England, all dogs will need to be microchipped from 6 April 2016. Dog owners will need to:

  • Have their dog microchipped and registered on one of the authorised commercial databases
  • Keep their contact details up-to-date on the databases
  • Where a dog is transferred to a new keeper, the new keeper must, unless the previous keeper has already done so, record their details and any change in the dog’s name with the database on which the dog’s details are recorded

Permanent identification of dogs through microchipping has many benefits, including:

  • Helping to reunite strays with their owners
  • Helping to tackle puppy farming
  • Encouraging responsible ownership

In pedigree dogs it also facilitates the reporting of hereditary health problems.

Please contact your local veterinarian for your dog to be microchipped.

Upcoming British Dog Grooming Association Seminars

I’m very excited to attend dog grooming seminars this upcoming weekend.  I will be going down to Hadlow to join 200 fellow groomers for some education and networking.  Seminars include grooming the cockerpoo, handstripping, anatomy, clipped terriers and schnauzers, scissoring techniques, creative grooming and de-matting.  Can’t wait to return to the Matlock area to apply these modern techniques on your pooches!!

Yummy new product – WildWash Healing Paw Balm

Healing Paw Balm – a remedy for dry, cracked pads

Winter can be really tough on your dog’s paws – cold weather and salt and grit on the roads can lead to crWildWash Healing Paw Balmacked, dry and rough pads.  I have just discovered a fabulous new healing paw balm that can protect the pads against the elements and moisturize at the same time.  It is Healing Paw Balm from a British company called WildWash that makes naturally derived pet shampoos and cosmetics.  It is made with Sweet Almond Oil, Frankincense and Kanuka and has a high vitamin E content.  It is also safe for your dog to lick!!!

I am now using this product during every groom and am really noticing a difference in the condition of the pads after even one use.  If you notice that your dog has cracked and rough pads you can use the home remedy of shea butter or virgin coconut oil and massage it into their pads whilst you are having a cuddle on the sofa!  It is very soothing for both you and your pet!