About Us

A City and Guilds qualified dog groomer with a fully equipped mobile salon which will be parked outside your home or office.  The bath and groom will take place in the van so there is no mess in your home.

The Groom

Each groom is carried out on an individual basis and cages and cabinet dryers are never used.  Your dog will be hand dried and enjoy the undivided attention!  There is no distraction or distress caused by other dogs and rest periods can be taken if needed.  Grooming time is minimised as your dog does not have to wait it’s turn in a cage for other unfamiliar dogs to be groomed.

Human needs are catered for too and appointments can  be made to suit your schedule.  The mobile service also means that you do not waste your time transporting your pet to a salon and waiting for a groom to be completed.

On arrival your dog’s needs are discussed and an individual grooming plan is created.  Your dog is then whisked away to the mobile spa for the grooming experience.  The van has soothing aromatherapy and your dog’s taste in music can be played!  A full health check will be performed and then your dog will be groomed in accordance to your needs.

The Salon

The van is a state of the art self contained mobile grooming salon containing a luxury hydrobath that can hold the largest breeds with room to spare. In addition, it comes with a stainless steel shelf to raise the small breed dogs 20cm up so they don’t feel overwhelmed in a large tub. Hydrobaths provide an effective, enjoyable, hassle-free bathing experience. The built in pump and heating unit create a warmed, pressurised shampoo solution which allows full penetration into the coat for fast, effective superior bathing even on the thickest of coats. The bath has a removable gate which is important for older dogs with hip problems ensuring your pet doesn’t injure himself hopping in and out of the bath. The grooming table lowers all the way to the floor for a smooth and stress free ride up to grooming height. The comfort of your pet is important, so there is a heater for the cold days and an extractor fan for the summer.

The Products

After discussion we will choose the correct products for your dog’s coat and skin.  ReQual grooming system is recommended which is a complex formula including vitamins, mineral salts, proteins, amino acids, trace elements and essential oils.  The formulation will depend on your dog’s coat type, genetic Requal Grooming Product logoproblems, skin problems, climatic conditions and damage and neglect and will be tailored to your dog’s specific needs.